Baron Steele

Baron Steele - 7" + CD


Baron Steele was formed in Austin, Texas in 1985 and entered the thriving Central Texas heavy metal scene which included such notable contemporaries as WatchTower, Militia, SA Slayer, & Wyzard. The band wrote epic, well crafted tunes influenced by European greats Witchfynde and Mercyful Fate, as well as lesser known U.S. metal acts like Griffin and Warlord. A two song demo was recorded in 1987 but received very little circulation due to the band’s dissatisfaction with the final studio mix. In light of this fact, the demo has become somewhat of a ‘cult classic’ known only to true diehard underground metal fanatics. TMU RECORDS has resurrected this lost tape, finally giving these classic songs a proper release on multi-colored vinyl. Each copy also includes a bonus CD of 6 unreleased never-before-heard tracks recorded live in the Baron Steele rehearsal crypt, a 20 page full color booklet packed with rare photos and an in-depth band interview, and an oversized 11×17 gig flyer reproduction. The ‘Collector’s Edition’ on splatter vinyl is limited to 100 copies and includes a pin-back button for your denim vest and a full color sticker. Finally, there is a ‘TMU RECORDS Exclusive Edition’ limited to 100 copies on A Side/B Side vinyl available only from the TMU RECORDS website.

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