Wicked Step




Bridging the musical gap between 70’s Hard Rock and the burgeoning Heavy Metal sounds of the early 80’s, Wicked Step played an integral role in San Antonio earning its reputation as the Rockin’ Capital Of Texas. In a time when Disco and Yacht Rock dominated the airwaves, Wicked Step stood tall in delivering no-frills, ass-kicking Rock N’ Roll. Taking cues from their heroes Black Sabbath, Jimi Hendrix, Judas Priest, and Frank Marino – Wicked Step was a staple in the biker clubs, neighborhood bars, backyard parties, and guerrilla-style empty lot gigs. If Rock at high volume was needed, Wicked Step was always there to provide.

Besides a rare self-produced 7″ single, the recordings on this LP are the only surviving musical artifact of the band. No fancy studios at use here. These are raw and noisy tunes straight from the rehearsal room, pumped through a 12-channel Peavy mixing board, to a Realistic home cassette deck. Meant to be played loud, just as originally delivered.

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