Wicked Angel

Wicked Angel - Demo 1987 - 10" vinyl

Wicked Angel – Demo 1987 – 10″ vinyl

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Another killer San Antonio-based Texas metal gem…Wicked Angel emerged from the fertile grounds of San Antonio’s south side in early 1985. At the time, the average age of the band members was around 15 years old! The young band recorded a 2-song demo in 1986, but sadly that recording has been completely lost to the ages. After a string of successful gigs with Texas notables such as WatchTower, Syrus, and Assalant, the band returned to Blue Cat Studios and recorded their blistering ‘Chaotic Intellect’ demo in 1987.

For this release TMU RECORDS was able to utilize the original master reels, which have been professionally transferred to digital, and mastered for maximum vinyl fidelity.

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