Final Vengeance

Final Vengeance - CD

Final Vengeance - Demo's 1988 & 1989 - CD

FINAL VENGEANCE compiles the classic Texas metal demos of Final Assault’s 1988 release ‘The Second Coming’ with the self-titled demo release of Vengeance from 1989

The original incarnation of Final Assault was assembled in 1985 in Corpus Christi, a small coastal Texas city better known for its beaches than its metal scene. The initial lineup consisted of vocalist Alex Robles (Alexander III), guitarists Dave Burk and Ruben Vela, bassist Mike Garcia, and drummer Raul Ramirez. Robles fronted Final Assault through two different incarnations from 1984 to 1988 and released two demos with the band: ‘First Warning’ in 1985 and the much less widely circulated ‘The Second Coming’ in 1988. Until now, the 1988 Final Assault demo has been exceedingly rare and mostly unheard, with no widespread distribution and only a few copies handed out to friends and local Corpus Christi area fans.

Vengeance was formed from the ashes of Final Assault in late 1988. The band consisted of former Final Assault vocalist Alex Robles, guitarist Izzy Munoz, bassist Alex Beltron, and drummer Ace Tyler. Munoz had been an early member of Final Assault after original guitarist Dave Burk left to join thrash notables Devastation and Beltron had been a member of the final incarnation of the band that recorded ‘The Second Coming’ demo. Robles has described the music of Vengeance as ‘haunting and heavy’. Vengeance had no official demo releases and only played a handful of shows around the Corpus Christi area in it’s too-short existence. Virtually unknown and unheard until now, Vengeance is truly an underground gem dug up from the coastal plains of South Texas.

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Reviews for Final Vengeance – Demo’s 1988 & 1989 – CD:

“FINAL VENGEANCE contains the essence and spirit of Classic 80’s Power Metal as well as any band, then or now. Put together a vocalist who owns two true clean Metal lungs and a soaring vocal sound, graceful guitar harmonies with just the right amount of power and technical but effective songwriting and the result is a trip down memory lane.”

Rating: 90/100  –  Officer Nice – Metal To Infinity Webzine – Belgium


“This is the true legacy of these two brilliant bands that delivered astonishing Metal, the Texan way! High-pitched vocals and U.S. Power Metal with extended progressive elements, fiery guitar leads and blistering solos from true virtuosos complete the band’s style! I am totally under the U.S. Metal influence after the listening of songs like ‘Chemical Sin’ and the unbelievable ‘M.G. III’ (astonishing hymn!). The voice really sends you to Metal Heaven and makes you damn yourself for not being there when all the magic happened! This release is ‘buy-or-die’ for all those who dig deep in the vaults of Metal history. Don’t expect polished sound here, this is raw, intelligent and most of all, ORIGINAL metal! ”

Dimitris Starakis – Magic Starlight Zine – Greece


“CD releases like ‘Within The Realm’ can be considered as Classic US Metal masterpieces! A US Metal present from heaven – I played the entire CD for several times so far and I can’t get enough of it so bring on the songs once again please…”

Rating: 95/100  –  Stefan – Metal To Infinity Webzine – Belgium