The website texasmetalunderground.com was created in 2001, dedicated to preserving and sharing information on some of the great unknown and little-known Texas metal bands from the 1980’s and early 1990’s. Envision the internet back in 2001: no YouTube, no Facebook, no MySpace, no file sharing, Google was in its infancy, slow dial-up connections were the norm. Information on some of the more obscure bands of the classic Texas metal scene was hard to come by, if not nonexistent. It remains the goal of texasmetalunderground.com to inform the world of some of the great bands who wrote original songs, played a few gigs, maybe recorded a demo, and disappeared without a trace. Bands that may have slipped through the cracks of popularity and notoriety, but who nevertheless deserve a place in the tomes of Texas metal history.

TMU RECORDS was created in 2009 as a subsidiary music label, sharing the goals and ideals of the website. As with texasmetalunderground.com, TMU RECORDS’ goal is to preserve the legacy of the classic Texas metal scene and present an opportunity for fans to hear some of the great bands that Texas produced during the 1980’s underground metal revolution.

All releases are given lavish treatment with custom packaging, unseen photos, show flyers, interviews, informative booklets, rare bonus tracks and extras for the denim and leather die-hards.